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[Can fruit be eaten with acute gastritis?

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Nowadays, young people usually have a lot of stress. Some people often do not care about meals because they are busy with work. They often try to get a full meal. If a long-term diet is inappropriate or unclean, it is easy to causeFor gastroenteritis, malformed gastroenteritis may eventually occur. When acute gastroenteritis occurs, it is very harmful to human health. Can fruits be eaten for acute gastritis?

Acute gastroenteritis is fruit-eating.

What kind of fruit is good for acute gastroenteritis?

(1) Eat more yellow fruits

The carotene content in yellow fruits is very high, and carotene has antioxidant properties and physiological activity, which is very good for alleviating the discomfort caused by the onset of acute gastroenteritis.

It is recommended that patients can eat more mango, citrus, papaya, and red grapefruit, etc., these effects are good.

(2) Eat more fruits rich in vitamin c Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient element in the body, which can provide the body with normal nutritional functions. It is very good to eat more vitamin C to prevent sepsis.

We know that patients with acute gastroenteritis have very poor physical fitness and are extremely weak. Therefore, eating more vitamin C-rich foods at this time can quickly supplement the nutrition required by the patient’s body and help the patient restore physical strength.

What fruit to eat for acute gastroenteritis?

It is recommended to eat more vitamin-rich fruits such as red dates, kiwi, hawthorn.

If the patient is still in the treatment period, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s order to take medicine for treatment on time, because fruits or foods only have a health-assisting role, and they cannot ultimately replace medicine treatment.

All in all, there must be the right way to deal with it, and proactive measures can better help you recover.

Acute gastroenteritis pay attention to diet 1.

During this period, pay attention to the regulation of your diet and avoid too cold, hot, and hard food.

Because of too cold foods and drinks, it can cause gastric contraction of the mucous membranes, and gastric mucosal blood vessels constriction, which is not conducive to penetration subsidence. Too much food and beverages can directly burn or stimulate the gastric mucosa after ingestion.

The patient’s food should be soft and hard, moderately hard and rough foods, crude fiber vegetables, fried or grilled foods. After eating, it can increase the mechanical digestive burden on the stomach, cause friction and damage to the gastric mucosa, and increase inflammation of the mucosa.sexual harassment.

With 9 Weixin tea, it can nourish the spleen, stomach and spleen veins, regulate treatment and recuperation, and better maintain sterility.


(1) Remove the cause and treat it symptomatically.

The authors of heavy vomiting and abdominal pain should fast and stay in bed.

(2) It is best to use a clear liquid diet in acute episodes, such as rice soup, almond tea, clear soup, light tea, glutinous rice flour, thin noodle soup, peeled red jujube soup, and salty foods should be the mainstay. After the condition is relieved, you can gradually transition toLess residue and semi-liquid food, try to use less gas-generating and trace foods, such as milk, soy milk, sucrose, etc.

(3) Severe vomiting and diarrhea, it is advisable to drink sugar algae and add water and sodium salts.

If you lose water due to vomiting and electrolyte disturbances, you should inject a solution such as glucose saline.

(4) During the onset of abdominal pain, water should be abstained for a long period of adequate rest. When the abdominal pain is relieved, the diet should be taken as appropriate. Cold food should be added to stimulate foods such as vinegar, pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, and pepper. Do not use excitement.Food such as strong tea, coffee, cocoa, etc., when cooking, mainly light, with less oil or other spices.