“So early?Luckily my dad is not at home,Otherwise, I thought it was a woman looking for me。”Emperor Huang Mao cursed in his heart,He wanted to stay in bed again。

“Rub your wine and food at night,I’ll ask you to borrow some money by the way,Thousands or tens of thousands will do。” “I’m not as proud of you、Can get so much money at any time!My dad doesn’t have a treasury, just move me,But you spoke,I have to collect tens of thousands for you!I’ll pick you up after school?”Prince Huang Mao […]

This is really important to the bones。

“the following,Please louis·His Excellency Brigadier General Michael Roy announces the results of the investigation!”Jack·Welch finished,Take a step back immediately,Give the position to Louis, who is in uniform·Brigadier General Michael Roy。 “Friends from the media,Hello everyone,”Louis·Michael Roy standing in front of the podium,First nod to the reporters present,Then said:“According to the investigation of the investigation team,AMCThe company will allHMMVThe production of […]

As for whether anyone will make trouble,Don’t worry about it。

After all, the strength of Bencheng,Even Xia Chenglong feels pain。 Let’s not talk about the repression,Just those puppets in Zhao Shaojiu’s hands,I’m afraid not ordinary people can stop,Let alone hijacked。 All in one sentence,In this north sea,Only for Bincheng to bully others,But nobody bullied Bincheng! Xia Chenglong wears black robes,Also extremely low-key along the way,So that it’s hard to get […]

“Don’t watch what you shouldn’t!If you are letting me see you sneaking at me,Just poke you in the eye!I have medical insurance anyway,Can afford you!”

Wang Qiaoqiao snorted coldly,Don’t even give Xiang Chen a chance to say a word。 Rub your eyes to relieve pain,No matter how Xiang Chen remembers, it feels like Wang Qiaoqiao pushed her breastplate to herself first,I saw it by myself!Just wait for Xiangchen to ease,Wang Qiaoqiao has gone far,Give him no chance to argue。 Xiang Chen leaned back in his […]

Dedication to Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen was a little surprised,Said weakly:“I definitely can’t get my own milk,I believe Officer Han can’t do it either,Then it’s better to choose to believe me!The story of the mayfly shaking the tree,From the perspective of a mayfly,Is it not respectable??”

Xiang Chen talked to Korean Xiang calmly,On the contrary, Korean Xiang was taken aback,It’s through the skill of Xiang stunned in Korean,Xiang Chen directly passed Han Yuxiang’s block,Walk towards the hospital。 Was easily passed by Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang is still a little unconvinced,Just about to chase,Suddenly feel my head sinking,It’s like being hit by something,Then Han Yuxiang felt a blur […]

“I’m injured,Can’t catch him。”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly。

Su Yi three steps and two steps,I came to Lu Menglin,Face sinking,Tao:“Are you OK?” “I’m fine!Aunt Su,Don’t play like this next time!You have to discuss it with me in advance!Suddenly want me to be in position,I was surprised。”Lu Menglin smiled casually。 At this moment,Tu Chanchun also cheered up and came over,Smiled:“How did you win just now?What’s the matter with his […]

Lu Menglin teleported through the city,First arrived at Bairimen City,Then through the private teleportation array left in Bairimen City,Unconsciously returned to the city of steel。

This is the base camp of mankind,Connect directly to the earth world,This is what Lu Menglin really cares about。 After a sharp flash of light,Lu Menglin walked out of the teleportation formation。 The City of Steel in front of you,Already quite large,The style of the earth world is everywhere。 Perceive energy fluctuations in the teleportation array,Mao Yongfei and Kasuga Mingzi […]

Body loss of consciousness,Immobile,So boring,Lu Menglin had to use it over and over again《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》,Visualize the divine body of Emperor Zhenwu in your mind,I hope to be able to produce psychological hints to my body,Regain consciousness。

Three days in a row,Lu Menglin is concentrating,Trying to visualize ideas Immerse yourself in,To wake up the body’s consciousness。 His mental power has never been so concentrated。In the past, you only need to concentrate for more than two hours,Will be split-headed,Feeling weak,Dare not continue to waste,But this time obviously I don’t feel that way anymore,Because he only has his head […]

I don’t know if the shoulder bone is broken or cracked!Chen Jiannan frowned,Try not to think about these troublesome things。

but,A weird scene appeared。 Liu Heping, the king of soldiers with a punch in his chest, didn’t even move,I was born with this iron fist,It’s like nothing。 Chen Jiannan opened his eyes,Looking at all this in disbelief。 To know,His full punch,Not to mention the human chest,Even an iron plate will be deflated,Even a martial artist who has practiced hard qigong […]

but,Kim So Yeon can only make such a decision,She has her reasons,Unspeakable reason。

“Please believe in my professional ethics!I am the general manager of the group,I have the right to adjust the company strategy,Please go back to their respective departments,Do your own thing!”Kim So Yeon’s calm tone,Tell your intentions accurately。 As long as this order from Menglin Group is officially issued,As soon as the news spreads,A market that’s already ready to move ,It […]