After these stressful scientists have vented to their heart’s content,Lu Menglin gently jumped,Jumped onto the operating table,Standing at the highest point of the whole hall。

“in fact,Blessing spring water has another function,Just like this!”Lu Menglin’s handy move,Grabbed a Lingshuang War Sword from the void,Then wiped a drop of blessing on the blade。 In an instant,The cold light flashes on the blade,Immediately become sharper。 “God people tell me,Put the fountain of blessing on the weapon,Can make the weapon exert the maximum lethality。I hope you can pass […]

Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help being shocked in a cold sweat,Today at noon he still said to himself that he was going to play HSBC.,If it weren’t for Raman’s decision to stop this afternoon“Golden House”Bargaining meeting,I am afraid that now Qiao Tianyu and the Rothschild family have been played to death by the Americans and Japanese.!

Really scared! But no way,Since the situation is already like this,But the road still has to go on,Raman was shocked,Turned to look at Qiao Tianyu,“young people,how about it,Scared?” “It’s fake!I didn’t expect them to have so much gold!”Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,Murmured。 “Yes,Plus the unstated data,I guess they have at least5Tons of gold!”Raman sighed long ago,Regret written on his face。 […]

“This guy,Should be a foreigner?”

“Looks pretty handsome!” “It just doesn’t look very well dressed……” With time getting longer and longer,Xia Chenglong was already immersed in the mystery of the changes in the Eight Diagrams,But other people don’t know what is going on with this guy,Accompanied by a crowd,Immediately afterwards, the crowd of people eating melons began to grow more and more,It’s just that these […]

It’s not easy for Xiao Fan to walk all the way,Even if he is strong in martial arts,But sometimes no one can really understand him。

So when Xiao Fan saw his master,,I still have a lot of feelings in my heart。 Their master Wenxie also has red eyes,I saw two of my favorite apprentices,Are developing very well now,Become a famous person。 Especially Xiao Fan became the strongest person in martial arts according to his wishes。Wenxie feels that he hasn’t done anything particularly good in his […]

In fact, Xiao Fan has already checked them very clearly,No matter their every move is within Xiao Fan’s surveillance range,So if they have any difficulties,Xiao Fan will know。

I don’t know what he meant by this,So for Xiao Fan,He didn’t understand what other unspeakable difficulties the leader had or their excuses,So Xiao Fan couldn’t be sure for a while。 But Xiao Fan can be sure that they did a lot of things in the young sea,Although there is no murder and arson,But at least it’s a lie to […]

He is separated from the blond girl by a table,The headphone cord splits between them,Two people next to each other,One sitting facing east,The other sits facing west。

Girl listening,Sing,As before。 Chen Wenjin just listened quietly,Until the rice noodles are on the table,He didn’t rush to eat。 The girl’s rice noodles came,She didn’t eat either。 Because of the length of the split cable,Restricted her。 The end of a song,A friend of the girl came,I happened to see Chen Wenjin taking off his earplugs,Wiped with paper again,Give it back […]

The willow at the moment is like a roller coaster,For a while in heaven and in the valley,My face turned gray,I think too much,Still think too much?

in fact,She is really worried,Yun Minzhi arranged her to work just for the favor,The two children have been in love each other over time,Can’t do not force;Huo Yun and the woman who only knew he had a blind date was called Lu Yao,That weird woman,He wouldn’t even mention it,Never want to see her。 Revenge,I take myself too seriously! Secretary Shi […]

I missed the feeling of wanting to confess,There is no good time,Yangliu doesn’t want to say,Surname is good,Surname Yang,She is herself。

Love cannot be forced,I can’t force happiness,As Lu Liang said,Catering to others blindly,I will be very tired。 If he just loves her looks,Can’t tolerate her little willfulness,Such a superficial man,Really open to question。 Let everything go with the flow。 *** Zhou Chengyu has been busy recently,Busy improving the menu,Also busy inspecting new stores,Ready to expand business scope,I’m so busy every […]

“Not needed?”

“Yes,Not needed,”When Tom asked this question,Chen Geng quickly revised the plan he had made before:“Fernandez will build a testing and repair center in Windsor,Convenient to serve Windsor customers nearby,Similar in size to this repair center。” He was indeed preparing to build a repair and testing center with a Canadian partner.,But after seeing the laziness of Canadians,Chen Geng changed his mind:Maintenance […]

at this time,Long eyelashes,Sunlight comes in from the French windows,Sketch a nice shadow right now。The only Chinese website

soon,Shenglan International Optoelectronics lost talents in an important position,Post in charge of the deceased,Will be offered to compete with talented middle-level cadres,The workplace is like a battlefield,A large number of workplace struggles are coming。 Talented、Moral character、Fighting strength、Connected、Exquisite,All kinds of small actions,Like a living dictionary,Only Ding Kelan is strategizing here,The yardstick of personnel knows him well,But pay attention to the company’s […]