Tian Fuzhen released the latest single Xuan Sun and will release the fifth album

Tian Fuzhen released the latest single “Xuan Sun” and will release the fifth album
On January 14, Tian Fuzhen’s latest single “Xuan Sun” was officially released.This song written by Ge Dawei, composed by Liu Tingzuo (Chicken), and produced by Chen Jianqi not only metaphorizes the microscopic portraiture of love that takes place in the city, but also plays Tian Fu ‘s selection of the fifthOverture of Zhang Xin’s album.Single cover It is reported that Liu Tingzuo (Chicken), who just won the Golden Sound Award for Best Folk Singles award, handed in this seemingly light yet recital melody, and Ge Dawei was responsible for filling in realistic lyricsFinally, the producer Chen Jianqi followed the feeling of this melody and prepared it with a minimalist guitar, string and piano.And Tian Fuzhen and the producer found a consensus on the song’s accuracy and tacit understanding, that is, to “lift weight as lightly as possible”, evolved from a more biased performer to a narrator, adding more “personality”.Tian Fu Zhen recalled the last few words of the lyrics recorded in the studio, and even sang until he lost the technical control, but afterwards he heard that Chen Jianqi chose to be the ones that were not perfect enough.In the first production of the album, there was a tacit agreement with each other to choose natural sincerity instead of perfection.Tian Fuzhen said: “With the accompanying saying that this is a song about letting go, it is better to say that this is a song that I am like everyone else, it is difficult to let go when I meet, but I can’t put it down.Before waiting time plays a role in life, let’s just hang together like this . It’s not something that you can decide if you let go, let everything go naturally.”Sauna, Ye Chang, editor of Yang Chang Tian Ai Ni proofreading Fan Jinchun