The negotiator who just spoke turned pale,Swallowed hard:“Mr……”

“how?Am I not clear enough??”Jack·Welch said badly.。 “enough……Clear enough……” I didn’t expect the boss to make so much fire,Several negotiators were frightened,Replied tremblingly。 Jack·Welch just waved,Quickly walked out the door of the meeting room:You guys are surprised、Very depressed,Do you know that when I heard this from the boss?,I am a thousand times depressed than you、Surprised ten thousand times! In jack·Welch’s […]

If Chen Geng is still in the U.S.,Everyone knows that his boss is very busy,That is to report this situation to Chen Geng、Let Chen Geng master the progress of the entire project,But since I know that the big boss is now in China,Don’t invite Chen Geng to see it in person,That would be too unqualified——Not to mention but a good opportunity to show up in front of the boss,Just say that such a big project is completed,Isn’t it right to ask the leader to review it??

Chen Geng didn’t decide whether to go,But now,Leilani·Taylor’s suggestion,Chen Geng’s eyes lit up:what?This method is good。 Chen Geng didn’t decide whether to go,But now,Leilani·Taylor’s suggestion,Chen Geng’s eyes lit up:what?This method is good。 :。: ———— First1130chapter Great sincerity What Chen Geng didn’t expect was,I was just going to visit Rongcheng casually,But with the participation of Jingshi University and Huaqing,More and more […]

Don’t be so anxious to wake up,Anyway, after he becomes strong,Just kick that weird old man out of the world,Anyway, Luo Chen feels he still has a lot of time,You can practice with confidence。

“Tier VI Monster” Jingtian saw the new group member Luo Chen there thoughtfully,It seems to be relieved,Said quietly,Tier VI Monster,It’s not that Luo Chen group members who have just advanced to Tier 4 can be hostile。 not to mention,What do Luo Chen group members think in their hearts,Sedum also guessed,It’s nothing more than relying on integration to advance to the […]

Xiao Fan can clearly see everything in the house,But they can only see the outline,Xiao Fan saw that professional doctors and nurses have been looking at Shen Lin’s various physical data。

Once there is something different, it will be reported to Xiao Fan immediately,In this way, you can quickly remedy it in an emergency。 Lin Yuner and Bai Chen went to the flower room again,Not only the flower room,And the garden outside,They all wandered around forever,Very happy。 Chu Yao has forced herself into a man for so many years,If not for […]

Chen Wenjin thought about him in his memory as a teenager and youth,Every girlfriend I met has a special personality,did not expect,Destiny’s material counter-movement force allowed him to relive his youth,It still has an unusual intersection with a girl with a unique temperament like a butterfly。

‘Is it,I thought I had a lot of normal personality,in fact……Has become another abnormal?So the attraction is particularly abnormal?’Chen Wenjin was thinking,Suddenly heard Chen Qian’s voice calling him on the reef:“brother——are you there?I met Sister Butterfly just now。” Chen Wenjin was startled,Thinking this is my sister,Obviously Chen Qian thinks the situation is a bit complicated,Although she hasn’t figured it out […]

For George who has been enjoying the glory and wealth for so many years·Walker,Let him squat in prison for years to come,Actually it’s no better than killing him,He also knows,Chen Geng can’t hide things from the money,This is the opportunity he has been waiting for,after all,Although the knife is hateful,But what’s even worse is that the person with the knife isn’t?

Took a deep breath,George·Walker seemed determined and asked:“……Ok,We can talk,But what can i get?” https: Please remember the domain name of this book:.。Mobile version read URL:m. ———— First527chapter Dongying people are behind the scenes? First527chapter Dongying people are behind the scenes? (First1/1page) George·Walker’s words made Chen Geng couldn’t help laughing:“Mr. Walker,I think you haven’t figured out one thing yet:Only you […]


People who stand out will always attract more attention,Looking at so many industry leaders、The rich people all took the initiative to greet Chen Geng,Those who didn’t care about Chen Geng can’t help it anymore,Curiously ask people around:Who is this Asian?What’s the origin? Even the chief’s wife:Nancy is no exception,Seeing Chen Geng surrounded by people like stars holding the moon,Nancy couldn’t […]

“Thank you。”

Chen Geng politely to Casper·Willard·Weinberg nodded in thanks。 Li Gen,Said to Chen Geng jokingly:“Mr. Fernandez,In a few years,You won’t get a sou—2—27Fighters to enrich your private hangar?” Chen Geng smiled:“This one,not sure,As long as the Pentagon allows,Why not?” Own a Su—27? Seems very tempting。 Looking at the serious thinking expression on Chen Geng’s face,Casper·Willard·Weinberg is dizzy:I just said casually,You really […]

Qin Feng looked at the person who spoke just now,This person is about 30 years old,Is also one of the members of the Tan family who came here just now。

It’s just that Qin Feng didn’t expect,This person seems to have other ideas about what their family did during the war?Otherwise, it won’t react so much? “Ha ha,Your Qin family is really over。I just don’t understand,You were traitors in the war years,Why are you still proud now?” “Humph,How could you understand the things of that era。” “Yes,You know!”Qin Feng didn’t […]