How did Qing Yu Nian start?The rhythm is fast

How did “Qing Yu Nian” start?The rhythm is fast
The ancient legendary drama “Qing Yu Nian”, adapted from the online novel of the same name by Mao Yi, was posted on Tencent video on November 26th. After iQiyi aired, keywords such as “Qing Yu Nian” and other episodes appeared on Weibo.The fast-paced progress of the play and the fit of actors and characters have been recognized by the audience, especially Xiao Fanxian, played by Dong Hao, an actor who played Dong Dong in “Me and My Motherland”, was praised as “a good choice”.Reiki. “Han Haolin plays Xiao Fanxian.The picture comes from the first episode of “Qing Yu Nian” on the Internet. The young fan Fan Xian with his modern thinking debuts, which kicked off the changing legendary story.As soon as the role of Xiao Fanxian appeared, the barrage was filled with emotion: “Isn’t this Dong Dong crying in” Me and My Motherland “because of the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s championship?”Han Haolin played the role of Xiao Fanxian with modern adult thinking in the play, well deducing the” human devil is big “and mature temperament.He looks like Zhang Ruoyun, an adult Fan Xian, who also made the audience fully agree with the crew’s skill in casting.Cao Cuifen, who plays the grandmother of Minglan in “Knowing Whether Knowing Should Be Green, Fat, Red, and Thin”, is transformed into Fan Xian’s grandmother, Mrs. Fan.Because he guessed the truth about Fan Xian ‘s mother ‘s death, he should be particularly sorry for Fan Xian but restrained himself not to let his emotions fall on the surface; Qing Dao, played by Chen Daoming, appeared in the third episode.The mentioned dialogues and percussions, as well as the order consultation of “not good” and forgot to give small vendors ravioli money, portrayed an emperor’s image that seemed to be passionate but unsuspecting; the tough and calm flight attendant in the movie “Captain of China”Yuan Quan, who appeared as a guest guest star in the show, gave extra surprise to the audience . From the preview announced earlier, it can be understood that at least the first four volumes of the original novel were adapted in the first season of “Qing Yu Nian”.”” In Kyoto “,” Cangshan Snow “and” North Sea Fog “are huge.However, the episode used only a bunch to explain the plot of Fan Xian’s childhood “in Danzhou”, and then quickly entered the “in Kyoto” part.Yan Bingyun (Xiao Zhan), who is the focal point of the narrative, is in the “North Sea Fog” part of the original work. The second episode of the series comes out, “fans” with Fan Xian played by Zhang Ruoyun through the carriage curtain;Props-A “box” that reminds all big men of not being able to sleep, also appeared early in the second episode; Fan Xian and Lin Waner’s “Chicken Leg Dedication” appeared at the same time and the third episode appeared . In the comment of the barrage, netizensSatisfied with the fast pace of the episode progress.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Chen Diyan