Indian producers want to sue Parasitics plagiarism: they took away my core plot

Indian producers want to sue “Parasitics” plagiarism: they took away my core plot
Sauna Night News reportedly reported by South Korean media that Indian filmmaker PL Tenapan recently posted on social media that the “parasite” directed by Feng Junhao copied the movie “Minsara Kanna” made in 1999 and is preparing to mention it.litigation.”Minsara Kanna” and “Parasites”.The picture comes from the Internet Tenapan called “parasite” is a reprint of “Minsara Kanna”: “I watched” parasite “after the Oscar award ceremony, it is very similar to the content of our movie.I will file a case with the help of international lawyers who have taken away the core plot of my movie.”Director Ravi Kumar, who directs” Minsara Kanna “, is proud of the dispute between the two films, but he does not intend to take any action, but gives the producer the decision.Ravi Kumar said: “Although I haven’t seen” Parasite “,” Parasite “did get inspiration from his own film.But I am also happy that the film “Parasite”, based on the story we wrote 20 years ago, won an Oscar. “It is reported that the Indian film “Minsara Kanna” tells the story of a man who conceals his identity in pursuit of love and works as a bodyguard in the home of wealthy lovers.The actor’s younger brother and sister also concealed their true purpose, and entered the mansion to live with the butler and cook.In the film “Parasites”, the eldest son Jiyu concealed his true academic qualifications and went to a wealthy family living in a mansion as a tutor. The family, in turn, concealed his true identity and entered the mansion.From this point of view, the producer of “Minsara Kanna” is most likely to be suspected of “plagiarism” copying his work because of the plot of “a family concealing their original identity and entering the mansion”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Lijun