High School Musical reunited and sang the classic theme song again, Zac Efron absent

“High School Musical” reunited and sang the classic theme song again, Zac Efron “absent”
Sauna Night Network News The evening of April 16, local time, as a special section of ABC TV, the star of the movie “High School Musical” released in 2006 was reconnected in the program.Including director Kenny Ortega, starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Graby, etc. participated in this connection event.Director Kenny Ortega also appeared in red sportswear with the words “High School Musical” written on it.In the show, the main creators also presented the classic song “We Are Together” from the series of films. Although the actors have grown up and changed their appearance, a large wave of memory kills instantly.The only regret is that the actor Zac Efron only appeared at the beginning of the show. After simply saying hello to the audience, he quit the group chat.The movie “High School Musical” produced by Disney was released in 2006. It is a story of a group of high school students. It has won the Emmy Award for best choreography and other best comedy / song and drama series in 2006.After the film was aired on the Disney Channel, it hit a record of more than 60 million people in the United States, and the world’s audience reached 250 million.Afterwards, the original cast made two sequels.Sauna Night Editor Wu Dongni proofreads Wei Zhuo