[Aphrodisiac fruit wine recipe]_Aphrodisiac fruit wine_How to do_How to do

[Aphrodisiac fruit wine recipe]_Aphrodisiac fruit wine_How to do_How to do

When it comes to impotence, many men will pay more attention to it. In fact, impotence does not mean that various drugs are needed. There are some health-care medicinal liquors in life, which can also achieve a good aphrodisiac. Here are some recommendationsAphrodisiac formula.

One: Aphrodisiac fruit wine material: 100 g of aphrodisiac fruit, 2 kg of white wine.

Method: Soak aphrodisiac and white wine together, seal it for two weeks, and then take ten milliliters every night before going to bed.

2: Aphrodisiac wolfberry wine Material: wolfberry: 100 grams, wolfberry 100 grams, 2 kg of white wine.

Method: Soak all the medicinal materials and liquor together, and take it off every night after one month. The effect is better.

Third, suggestion 1. In addition to sparkling wine, this medicinal material can also be made into food.

Aphrodisiac fruits are widely used by Tibetan people, and they are used to stew soup with beef bones. This recipe can be used to warm the body and avoid cold damage, and can also reverse the effects of aphrodisiac and kidney tonic.

2. In addition to the previous growth of impotence fruit, it is also found in the territory of Myanmar and Laos. It is a natural Viagra and can also treat dozens of diseases.

After taking aphrodisiac fruit, it can not only warm the kidneys and nourish the kidneys, but also increase the qi and blood in the body, so that the qi and blood strengthen the body and become healthier.

Fourth, contraindications for aphrodisiac fruit wine One of the most important precautions for taking aphrodisiac fruit wine is that it cannot be taken in large quantities.

The medicinal material has a very strong effect of warming the yang, and a large amount of it can not prevent the good effect of warming the sun and nourishing the kidney, but it will cause serious harm to health.

Although taking aphrodisiac fruit after taking alcohol can be very good for kidney, but kidney is a complex problem, so you must master scientific methods when you are usually treating.